BlackOwlSec specializes in auditing smart contracts on EVM compatible chains (e.g. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Polygon) written in Solidity or Vyper. We have experience in auditing contracts related to staking, vesting, farming, NFTs, marketplaces, DEXes and more.

In addition we also perform security assessments of decentralized applicaitons, frontends and integrations with smart contracts. Core blockchain implementations of e.g. nodes, infrastructure or wallets (web, mobile, desktop or browser extension) are also conducted by our team.

If you need help in on chain analysis on certain wallets, contracts and transactions we have you covered. Performing OSINT (open source intelligence) operations and technical analysis on projects to identify red flags is in our area of expertise as well.


BlackOwlSec Pawel Wylecial
VAT-ID PL7822493185